Individual Health Insurance

Buying health insurance can be complicated. And, let's face it, medical treatments aren't cheap. Without health insurance you could end up paying off medical bills for the rest of your life.

  • An individual plan can cover just one person, or it can cover a family.
  • Health plans can be purchased through a State or Federal health insurance marketplace (on-exchange) or they can be purchased directly from a private insurance company (off-exchange).

These plans are typically a solution for individuals who are not offered health insurance through employment, do not qualify for Medical Assistance, and are not eligible for Medicare. For those in retirement, but not quite ready for Medicare yet, Individual/Family Plans can bridge the coverage gap until Medicare eligibility.

Our team is here to assist with all stages of planning and enrollment into Individual and Family plans.  We take pride in comparing all options available to each individual based on their unique situation. Cannaday Bloom Wealth and Insurance Solutions can help you find an affordable healthcare plan that’s right for you. 

Representatives from Cannaday Bloom Wealth and Insurance Solutions' involvement in these activities are outside their role with Principal Financial Group®.  Principal is not affiliated with and does not recommend or sponsor any of these applications.